My Story


My Story
My name is Zahraa Mougnieh and I am the founder/creator of Kid Chemist. I graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor’s in Science in Psychology. During my college career, I took numerous chemistry classes and realized I was not prepared enough for chemistry growing up.

Chemistry is not an easy subject, to say the least. All of my sleepless nights of studying for my Chemistry classes could have been easily resolved if I had learned the fundamentals of chemistry growing up.

Because of my experience, I began teaching my nieces by creating hands-on experiments with them at home. Each week we targeted an element on the periodic table and I explained it to them in a fun and exciting way. 

As soon as I saw the look in their eyes and how fascinated they were with learning chemistry, I knew I had found a new passion. I realized that because of this, their interest in chemistry would only grow and any difficulties they would have throughout their schooling would be seldom. 

My ultimate goal is to have EVERY child grow their interest in chemistry in a fun and exciting way. By doing so, this will lessen any difficulties they may have in their future science classes.

This is my purpose for Kid Chemist!



“This was the best experience my child has ever had! I happened to find Kid Chemist on Instagram and thought it would be fun and educational for my kid. I took him and his cousin a few weeks back and they had a blast. I had Kid Chemist come in for my niece’s birthday and the kids had a great time especially with the cotton candy and ice cream machines. It was a great show, learning experience, and sweet treat all in one!”

“Kid Chemist is an amazing program that my kids enjoy attending. They love learning science and performing experiments because Kid Chemist makes it as fun as possible. The instructor is very outgoing and loves to educate children. 

“I loved purchasing Kid Chemist kits for my kids during the pandemic. The kits included everything so my kids got to do the experiments and worksheets independently, which was great. The Kid Chemist manual was very descriptive and easy for the kids to follow. I definitely will be registering them for their online classes.”