Hands-on experiments, let’s learn and love science together!

Let’s Learn & Love Science Together!

Kid Chemist is a fully hands-on program that strives to have every child grow their interest, knowledge, and confidence in science and chemistry by creating awesome hands-on experiments. Let’s take a journey through the world of science in our laboratory! 


We offer tutoring in ALL subjects!

Does your child need a tutor for their schoolwork?

We understand that school has been a challenge since Covid-19. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Kid Chemist offers tutoring for ALL AGES on ALL SUBJECTS from science, math, English, Arabic, reading, social studies, etc.


Learning becomes fun when it’s hands-on, so hold on tight while we take the first step of our journey through the world of science in our laboratory! Every week is a mixture of different hands-on experiments to learn about science terminology, organic chemistry, elements on the periodic table, human anatomy and so much more! If you have fun first, the learning part comes easy!



Kid Chemist Kits

Inspire your kids to continue learning and loving science from home with our three different and unique Kid Chemist Kits. We meticulously designed these kits to ensure your child’s interest, knowledge, and curiosity in the wonderful world of science.

Personalize lab coats

Personalize a special Kid Chemist lab coat with kid’s name on it!

A custom lab coat they can wear anytime and anywhere to continue feeling like a chemist!  


Kid Chemist is thrilled to host your child’s next birthday party in our laboratory or let us come to you. Our experiments, cotton candy, popcorn, and liquid nitrogen ice cream that we offer will keep your whole party entertained. Book Kid Chemist for endless fun and excitement to make sure that your child’s birthday is everything they wish for!

Contact us to custom your child’s birthday package!

My name is Zahraa Mougnieh and I am the founder/creator of Kid Chemist. I graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor’s in Science in Psychology. During my college career, I took numerous chemistry classes and realized I was not prepared enough for chemistry growing up…

Why is Science important for children?

Learning science at a young age can help impact future careers.

Kids are hands-on learners.

It helps develop key life skills.

It helps children learn to form their own opinions. 


Kid Chemist is a program that introduces and educates children from ages 4-14 about science by creating exciting hands-on experiments and lessons. Children create hands-on experiments to learn about the phases of matter, elements on the periodic table, science terminology, and much more!

We properly dress our students in lab coats, gloves, and safety glasses to mimic a lab-like environment. Kid Chemist’s goal is to have our students practice and enjoy wearing lab gear to open their minds to future career goals. The reason behind Kid Chemist is to have children prepared and ready to take on their high school and college science courses.

Our purpose is to extend the opportunity for children to grow their interest, knowledge, and confidence in science and chemistry at a young age, and in result lessen any difficulties they may have in their future courses.  

“This was the best experience my child has ever had! I happened to find Kid Chemist on Instagram and thought it would be fun and educational for my kid. I took him and his cousin a few weeks back and they had a blast. I had Kid Chemist come in for my niece’s birthday and the kids had a great time especially with the cotton candy and ice cream machines. It was a great show, learning experience, and sweet treat all in one!”

“Kid Chemist is an amazing program that my kids enjoy attending. They love learning science and performing experiments because Kid Chemist makes it as fun as possible. The instructor is very outgoing and loves to educate children.” 

“I loved purchasing Kid Chemist kits for my kids during the pandemic. The kits included everything so my kids got to do the experiments and worksheets independently, which was great. The Kid Chemist manual was very descriptive and easy for the kids to follow. I definitely will be registering them for their online classes.”

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